NK2013 in Heidelberg - Germany



The Society for Natural Immunity held its first meeting in 1992, in St. Petersburg, FL, organized by Julie Djeu. This meeting was combined with the 8th International Natural Killer Cell Workshop, which had been meeting since 1981. The meetings have since been combined and held about every 18 months. The meetings to date are:


1st 1992 St. Petersburg, FL, USA
2nd 1994 Taormina, Italy
3rd 1995 Channel Islands, Oxnard, CA, USA
4th 1997 Helsinki, Finland
5th 1998 Warrenton, VA, USA
6th 2000 Marseilles, France
7th 2002 San Juan, Puerto Rico
8th 2004 Amsterdam, theNetherlands
9th 2005 Kauai, HI, USA
10th 2007 Cambridge, England
11th 2009 Perth, Australia
12th 2010 Dubrovnik, Croatia

13th 2012 Asilomar, CA, USA


The purpose of the meeting is to provide investigators and trainees the opportunity to hear about recent findings in the field of natural immunity, to meet each other, and to discuss science. The focus is on natural killer cells, but related fields are included, and the sessions are designed to blend basic science with clinical studies and advances. The participation of trainees is encouraged by traveling awards, by keeping the costs of the meeting at a reasonable level, by featuring presentations by trainees, and by awards for outstanding abstracts by trainees.